Thursday, 2 May 2013

It’s Official: I’m on hiatus

Well, it should have been obvious from the fact I stopped posting for ages, but I’m finally making it official. Yup. I’m on hiatus. :)

To the people who I promised to make a layout for, don’t worry. I’m working on it. It will take some time, but you’ll get it. :) I hope it makes you happy even though I’m not pro by any means.

I still love this blog! I do! Which is why I’m making the jump from Blogger to I’ve already purchased the hosting and transferred my domain name. I’m currently sorting out the kinks, figuring out the layout thing (IT IS SO CONFUSING FOR ME, LEMME TELL YOU.)

I’ll be back! And with a vengeance. ;D

You can still find me via email, Twitter and Facebook.

The site’s not dead, just taking some much-needed rest. And when I come back from hiatus, I’ll make it much better than it ever was before! (I’m working on it.)

I miss you all, and I WILL get back to regular posting soon.

Stay beautiful inside and out,

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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Justin talks beauty

Okay, oops. I disappeared for a looong time. I don't even know what happened. It's not like I was particularly busy. But one day I stopped posting, and then I started to feel guilty. Guilty about not posting and guilty about not getting started on the layouts yet. I suck, I know. I'm terrified I'll do a bad job on the layouts, and that's why I haven't gotten started. Guhhhh. What's wrong with me? I need to deal with this issue. :(

On a more positive note, a couple of months ago, Lara posted on a beauty survey answered by her husband. I thought it was so funny because we girls can be so consumed with beauty and fashion products, but our significant others often don't know much about it. I figured I'd get Justin to do the questionnaire too!

In which Justin talks beauty

1. Tell me 5 cosmetics brands

Pictures of 5 beauty-related brands: Avon, L'oreal, Nivea, Proactiv, Thin Lizzy

Justin: Avon, Thin Lizzy, L'Oreal, Nivea, Pro-activ

2. Tell me 3 famous big boxes 

Box? Subscription box, normal box, vox box, glossy box

To be fair, I'm not sure what's being asked here. Maybe subscription boxes?

Justin: You mean movie boxes? Box office.
(A short time and discussion later)
Justin: I'm not aware of the names of any subscriptions...

3. What is a top coat? 

Karen Miller trench coat, top coat, nail polish
P.S. I want that coat!
Justin: It's one of those things...
(Sees me typing)
Justin: WAIT WAIT WAIT. Slender coats that is made to be worn over other clothes. Or something.
Me: It's the top nail polish coat. You use it to protect the nail polish.
Justin: So it's a nail polish condom basically.
Me: (Hysterical laughter)

4. What is BB cream?

BB creme, BB cream, Missha, Iman, Agnes B

Justin: [Crap], I asked this one time.
(Sees me typing)
Justin: HEY, WHAT-- BB Creme is a blemish creme thing.
Justin: -- Yes, I know things every now and then. (Smug look)

5. What sort of make up do girls use? 

Jack black plus face makeup equals face wings, flying
No disrespect to the man, Jack Black! He has awesome face wings :D
Justin: (Apprehensive look. Look of malignance in eyes.) Face makeup. God, I don't know.

6. What is a serum?

anti-aging serum, t-virus, zombies

Justin: Something for aging.
Me: (Thinking: That was a boring answer... T.T)

By the way, if you look at that anti-aging serum by Avon, it looks suspiciously like the Umbrella Corporation's T-virus (Resident Evil). Mmhm. When I searched T-virus on Google Images, that was the first entry. True story.

7. Why do we make facial scrubbing? 

facial scrub, ugly drawing, pimples
If you want quality drawings, send me a graphics tablet. ;D JOKE. Or... not.
Justin: Probably dead skin and acne, I suppose.

8. How to apply anti-wrinkle product?

kitchen sponge equals makeup sponge? I don't think he means that BUT MAYBE

Justin: (Silence. Pause.) Uhhh. With a sponge?
Me: I don't actually know either haha!

9. How do we put our make up on?


Justin: Depending on what you're using, you could have like sponges and like pencil things and... brushes... and those cotton buddy things that have like a spongy bit on the end.

10. What is a beautiful girl for you?

The REAL beautiful girl ;D

Justin: (SILENCE. PAUSE. DEEP REFLECTION.) Do you mean besides you or...?
Me: (Continues typing madly)
Justin: Are you supposed to be typing everything down, or are you just f*cking with me?!

Maybe I should have said awwwww or something when he said that (the 'besides you' part, not the 'are you----'). Whoops.

And that's a wrap! 

Leave a comment, send me a tweet, have a good day, roll around in some mud and refresh yourself! Wheeeee! 

Stay beautiful, 

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Monday, 25 February 2013

Someone posted me on Gyaru Secrets!

Ohmygoodness, hello there! I am so amused right now. My weekend was pretty boring until this Sunday when I went out with my boyfriend and a close friend whom I hadn't seen in ages for... the Chinese Lantern Festival! But more about that and my other adventures this week (or the next! I actually have a lot of fun stuff to post about lately)!

Back to my current amusement. Gal VIP, the gaijin gyaru magazine recently released their Jan-Feb edition, and inside it contained a contest. Because I was procrastinating and Gal VIP extended the deadline I decided to join. Yessss. I know. I am so silly. I'll never win anyway because I'm still such a newbie haha! But that's okay. :) I wanted to try out a new style and try to incorporate some advice given to me about previous gyaru attempts I'd done (More on that some other post?!).

So here's my entry based on Saiharii's super awesome makeup look!

Closeup of Face of The Day
Didn't notice how messy it was until after I sent it. Whoops?

Anyway I decided to post a picture of me doing this style on Tumblr!

Gothic makeup
This picture :)
And someone was so lovely to give me advice on how to improve! :) She even called me cute and said she hoped she didn't offend me by giving critique (How awesome is that?! I love people!) Oh, and she even photoshopped the picture to show me what she meant!

Photoshopped makeup
The 'shopped picture :)
Like that! The nose contour is wayyyy better! Incredibly more defined. :) The upper lashes are also more dramatic, so I think it would be absolutely perfect for a gothic style (which was what I was going for here). I was excstatic and uberrrr happy. :) Thank you very much, shotamilk!

Also the awesome girls in my gyaru-sa were also very kind to give me tips which I tried to incorporate here. Like my lower lashes extended the whole way now! Yay! And the sweet Kirstie who is currently in Japan reblogged my picture on Tumblr, calling it unique. Thank you, love!

Needless to say I am very happy, and I love people very much. :) I know my gyaru look still needs a lot if improvement, so I'll practice whenever I can. :)

Then this morning (around 2AM because my sleeping schedule is crazy right now) I checked gyaru_secrets to see if it's been updated. And, yes, I do visit that site a lot. While a lot of it is mean, sometimes the posts are really helpful. I wonder if anyone remembers the magical ninja cookie posts? (Was it a ninja cookie? It was a cookie and magic though.)

I made it to the over-sized secrets and what's this! Is that...

Posted on Gyaru secrets. "Are you wearing coral blue#2 semi gloss lipstick"? with a picture of Spongebob
Hey, look! It's me!

OHMYGOSH. Someone posted a secret with me and Spongebob in it! I nearly died laughing. If my boyfriend were awake, he would have given me that "I live with a crazy person, why do I do this to myself" look again. Oops. I'm giggling again.

I already replied, saying it's LA Colors Grape Crush. :) But I'm not sure if it was meant to be funny, insulting, genuinely asking a question or... something else?

Again thank you to shotamilk and Roxy, Reba, Becky and Kirstie from our gyaru-sa for critique and support! :)

Also people replied to the secret saying I need a lot of improvement, and I definitely agree with you guys. :) One day I'll get there :D (I hope)

Okay, so now the question for commenting is...

Do you like my gothic look (before and/or after Photoshop? Have you ever been goth, or would you like to try it? :)

Personally I love goths, especially sweet goths. Sometimes they freak me out in person (I feel terrible about this, bit it happens), but I think they photograph really well. Also the deep dark soul thing is something I can definitely relate with even though I'm trying very hard to embrace a more positive me! :)

Well, that was an extremely roundabout way of telling you all about that gyaru_secrets post! I hope it entertained you somehow. While you read it, I hope you imagine me saying the words in a very energetic voice!


Yes, I am very hyper right now. I think I should end with that now. I love you all, especially commenters. :D Thank you so much for sticking with me and my randomness! Hugs!

Oh, also, you guys really like that lipstick, huh? If I knew people would like it a lot, I wouldn't have used it and just given it away (since I've had it for a while and only used it 2 times... ). Maybe if I find another one, I can give it to someone! :D

Stay beautiful,
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Friday, 22 February 2013

Gaijin Gyaru Directory!

Tweet by @wannabeempress: "To the Kiwi who posted on G_S looking for gyaru in New Zealand, thank you! You officially brought my love for gyaru back 100% :)"
Hello all!

A few weeks ago, a wonderful person who I still don't know posted on Gyaru Secrets to look for other Kiwis (New Zealanders). Somehow that one little secret threw me into overdrive passion mode, and my love for gyaru was rekindled.
G_S post looking for New Zealand gyaru to share blogs
The secret that made me happy :)
We started talking in our gyaru-sa again! We had our first ever challenge! We even made a reply secret! I finally got new circle lenses again! I even did a gyaru look with lower lashes!

Reply G_S post sharing Facebook group URL
Our national mascot is a cutie, okay?!
Oh, and someone found our gyaru-sa because of that secret! So now we have 6 members, 3 of whom are in Auckland. YAY!

Basically in the last few weeks, I've been falling in love with gyaru all over again. :) And I thought to myself: if I became this enamored just because I realised there are other gyaru in my country, then wouldn't others be excited too?!

So I made a gaijin gyaru directory

Screencap of Gaijin Gyaru directory
Where are the Gaijin Gyaru?
If you are gyaru, send me a tweet, ask me on Tumblr or on Ask.Fm! I'll add you to the directory.

You don't have to be pro. You can be a complete newbie like I am. I just want a place for gyaru enthusiasts to find people in their areas and make new friends. :)

Stay beautiful,
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Thursday, 21 February 2013

GEO Nudy Brown Circle Lenses

Orange lipstick, cheesy smile, orange hair, GEO Nudy Brown lenses
Hello, lovelies!

Guess why I am intensely happy?! It’s all for a very simple reason – I have circle lenses again!

I am the proud owner of GEO Nudy Brown lenses which I got off TradeMe. Normally I would buy a pair of lenses from a shop like oh, I dunno… Eyecandylens or Shoppingholics. But the seller has 100% positive feedback!

GEO Nudy Brown lenses
So I thought to myself… What the hey! Let’s buy a pair!

GEO Nudy Brown lenses
Now you may be wondering what the circle lenses are like, right?! So here’s a perfectly honest review about the GEO Nudy Brown circle lenses I got from TradeMe. :)

But first… Photo spam!

GEO Nudy Brown lenses

GEO Nudy Brown lenses

GEO Nudy Brown lenses
 /end photo spam

Information about the Circle Lenses

Water content: 38%
Duration: 1 year
Diameter: 14.00 mm
Base Curve: 8.6

The actual size of the lenses are pretty small (or standard?!) for circle lenses, so they’re great for beginners in terms of size. They’re not like OMG THAT’S MASSIVE, and since they’re circle lenses, no, you won’t think ‘Did it even do anything?!’ Duration is a year, again pretty standard with circle lenses. I’ll see if these will actually last me a year, or if I’ll accidentally wreck them or something. Water content is normal. Base curve – I don’t know anything about that, haha!

Picture Comparisons

Here we go! Here’s how the circle lenses look under different conditions. 


GEO Nudy Brown lenses Indoors

Small flash 

GEO Nudy Brown lenses small flash

Big flash 

GEO Nudy Brown lenses big flash


GEO Nudy Brown lenses window light


GEO Nudy Brown lenses comparison with natural eyes

Review: What do I think?

GEO Nudy Brown are my third pair of circle lenses ever, but so far they're my favourite! They're enlarging but still a natural and respectable size. When I wear them, I forget they're there. So far I haven't had moments where the world suddenly blurs because of the lenses (Why does that even happen?!). They're super comfortable. I love the design in person and in pictures. The colour isn't amazing though. I don't know what I was expecting, but this wasn't it exactly. Maybe I was expecting a browner brown. This looks more hazel to me. But I love how the colour shows really well on my dark brown might-as-well-be-black eyes. :D

Enlarging Effect

Final Result? 

4/5I love these lenses so much! And I will most likely buy them again (unless I find a pair I like more!)

What do you think? :) 

Do you like GEO lenses? What do you think of these lenses? What about my bedhead? I'm a mess, I know! Haha! 

Let me know what you think via the comments, Facebook or Twitter! :) 

Stay beautiful,
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